Merry Christmas to All! On Marcus, on Murray, on Henry, Go Titans!

The Train Daddy is back, feeling jolly and festive but, as always, bringing sports news, life lessons and politically incorrect talk to you, the loyal reader!

Happy holidays, Mary dropped a yuletide log, season’s greetings, happy Hanukkah, season green smoke, or have a cool yule—there are many ways to wish someone a festive December, but from me to you, merry Christmas! And let me be clear, I choose boiled custard over eggnog!

It’s a great time to be a football fan. The holidays bring a smorgasbord of food, and so many of the match-ups have playoff implications. I have a Christmas recipe; it has helped me over the years and it may help you. I understand the holidays are a happy time for many, but remember, for some people it can be a struggle. So always remember the 5 F’s: Faith, Family, Football, Food and Friends.

I’m telling you, in all seriousness, hold close to as many of the 5 F’s as you can this holiday season. Also take a moment to realize how lucky you are to live in this country. Any citizen of this great country, no matter your race or gender, can succeed. As long as you’re willing to work at it and show determination, life will eventually reward you, and that’s not the case around the majority of the globe.

Hard work, determination and compassion will do you more good than whining. That’s right, be grateful you live in such a fabulous country. Maybe you’re upset about the election, maybe you’re outraged by America’s legal system, maybe you hate cops and maybe you’re obsessed with voicing your opinion no matter how hurtful and ignorant your comments are. I believe everyone should reflect this holiday season, be thankful for what it is you actually have and for the people in blue who protect us.

Marcus Mariota

Marcus Mariota

Remember that hard work, compassion and a little bit of love will go along way toward a successful life. If you don’t feel it’s truly a blessing to be an American, I feel sorry for you!

Speaking about being thankful, let’s show some sports athletes and famous people some love. Let’s spread a little holiday cheer, drink some beer and wish folks a merry Christmas.

Merry Christmas, Titans QB Marcus Mariota. This kid is only 23 years old! That’s right, experts around the league believe Marcus to be the most talented young quarterback in the league, he is already showing up some veteran signal callers.

He has already set the franchise single-season record for TD passes and has thrown at least two touchdown passes in eight straight games. Heading into December, Marcus has thrown nearly 3,000 yards this season, 25 TD passes and only eight interceptions, completing nearly 65 percent of his passes. Titans fans love you, Marcus. Because of you and your stellar play, the Titans head into December with a real playoff shot and possible division title for the first time in many seasons.

Merry Christmas to the best running back duo in the league, Titans running backs Murray and Henry! That’s right, DeMarco Murray showed the league, and Philly, that Chip Kelly had no clue what he was doing. The Titans have utilized him nicely. Derrick Henry, a rookie out of Alabama and former Heisman Trophy winner, has played backseat to Murray, but has shined when given opportunities.

Derrick Henry is a beast and an honest every-down back. It will be interesting to see what roles these two backs play in the future as Titans, but every Titan fan should be excited about the prospect of an up-and-coming young Derrick Henry.



Merry Christmas, Ryan Lochte, you have been labeled America’s douchebag of 2016. The 12-time Olympic medalist swimmer lied, admitted the truth and then danced with the stars. Short story, he went to Rio, won a    for swimming, got really drunk and he broke stuff and urinated on things. Then he claimed he was robbed and held at gunpoint, when really it was just a confrontation with local authorities in Rio. After all that he danced with the stars, hoping to fix his image, I guess. You embarrassed America, your lies embarrassed the host country of the Olympics and you made a fool of yourself. Come on, man!

Merry Christmas, Colin Kraepernick! I know I have been very critical about your actions these last few months but I still wish you a merry Christmas. But that doesn’t mean I won’t say more bad things about you right now! Colin, you are a moron, utterly stupid, I mean that, I am sorry. I do sincerely wish you a merry Christmas, though. You decided to use the football field as a stage for your protest, you ridiculously claim bodies are piling up in the streets, and you unfairly demonize the very people who do protect us: the police. You even attempted recently to glamorize Malcolm X, a controversial race hustler, and Fidel Castro, a power-hungry moron who murdered and displaced thousands upon thousands of families. You’re 0–6 since taking the reins in San Francisco—shut-up and play football. Maybe then you would do what NFL quarterbacks are supposed to do, win games!

Merry Christmas, Jason Pierre Paul, a massive beast and defensive end for the New York Giants. After blowing off part of his hand in a July 4 fireworks accident and having his right index finger amputated, many feared for his NFL career. In a recent week 12 match-up vs. the Browns, Jason had seven tackles, three sacks, a forced fumble and a 43-yard fumble return for a TD. Jason is at the top of my list for comeback player of the 2016 year.


The Rock

Merry Christmas, Dwayne Johnson—better known as The Rock—who played football at the University of Miami and was part of the 1991 national championship team as well as being an American actor, producer and pro wrestler. Those are just a few of his talents! This is the start of me personally campaigning for the Rock Republican ticket 2020. The Rock 4 President! Do you candy-asses smell what the Rock is cooking? The Rock actually has stated he may pursue a political career. If Trump can, why not The Rock? Can you imagine the Rock vs. Trump in 2020?

Speaking of Trump, let’s wish some politicians a happy holiday. Merry Christmas, Donald Trump! Congrats on the victory, buddy! You proved all the pollsters and liberal media wrong; they ultimately had no clue what they were talking about. I admit, I never truly supported you, nor spoke against you. You were just a tsunami that I watched destroy everything in its path. It was entertaining at first. I am just thankful that lying wench Hillary Clinton isn’t president. So once again, congrats Donald, I hope you make America Great Again; whatever that actually means, it sounds good to me. I will say that if you don’t actually build a wall during your time as president, that may go down as the biggest lie ever told during a campaign.

Merry Christmas, President Obama, Crooked Hillary and Colonel Sanders! Let’s start with President Obama: I will admit I disagree with much of (nearly all) of your policy, but that’s okay. I do, however, appreciate your cool-daddy personality; you are a fabulous speaker with witty remarks and a good smile. Enjoy the golf courses, and good riddance.

Christmas, Hillary Clinton, you’re deplorable!



Christmas, Bernie Sanders. Everyone loved the Colonel. He wanted so badly to start a revolution, and ultimately he was cheated by the Clinton campaign. Then, in a twist, he sold himself out and supported Hillary! His ideas sounded great to young people: free stuff, “yippie!” Anyone with sense knows socialism doesn’t work. Bernie had an apple pie and wanted everyone to get an equal share. I prefer to work hard so I can cut my own slice of the pie; I would rather not have the government in charge of handing out the slices. People who are too lazy to cut their own slice of the pie don’t deserve an equal share. I understand some people need help getting a slice, and that’s fine, but just handing out equal shares to everyone would ultimately create a lazy America.

Merry Christmas to the entire Titans organization. I wrote this piece as the Titans were 6–6 and enjoying a much needed bye week. The Titans had the latest and last bye week possible, so they get a much deserved break at just the right time. This break bodes well for the Titans heading into a final four-game stretch, facing off against Denver, Kansas City, the Jaguars and the Texans. That final game vs. the Texans on Jan 1 could very well end up deciding who wins and loses the division. No matter what happens, the Titans can hold their heads up high. The critics had them marked off and here they stand in December with a shot at the division and a playoff run. The future is bright with Marcus at quarterback. Stay strong and loyal, Titan fans!

Merry Christmas to all the loved ones who have passed on. Remember them. Grandparents, spouses, friends, siblings, parents—remember them and live for them. My grandfather passed away during the holidays in 2014 and we all miss him much. He was the patriarch, and I respected him; he was larger than life and kinder than kind. It’s when reminiscing about people you’ve lost that you look around and hold close to people still around you. Remember the 5 F’s—Faith, Family, Football, Food and Friends. Live life by that motto. I pray you all have a merry Christmas, do something kind for someone in need, help out a stranger and remember that your body is a temple—keep it healthy.

The Train’s out the station, choo-choo!


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The Z-Train is a Murfreesboro resident and enjoys all sports, but bleeds code blue for his beloved Titans, who will one sweet day bring home that beautiful Lombardi Trophy to Tennessee. Always remember the Train's big F's: Faith, Family, Friends, Food and FOOTBALL!

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