Put It On Pause

Have you ever just wanted to hit the pause button on the control panel of your life? Perhaps the rewind or slow motion option? Or fast forward to get to the good stuff? Lots of things might make you feel this way. A hectic, over active or non balanced lifestyle can contribute to making your life feel like it’s a whirlwind. What if channeling your thoughts or actions was as simple as hitting the pause button? Whatever is happening instantly STOPS! Everything is standing still, motionless. What do you do now? Look around you, look inside. What needs to shift? What is the highest priority? This is the moment of truth—in what direction will you move? What do you need most? Rest? Clarity? Change? Less?

How would you feel if you didn’t have these needy thoughts? Freer? Lighter, more carefree? Happier?
Guess what? The power is in the present moment, of thought. The power of choice. You can access this anytime you need or want to. How do you do this, you ask? Whether you need to be a good listener or need to act on a situation remember to “put it on pause” first. Breathe, assess the situation, think, process then act. Notice I didn’t say react.

“There is more to life than increasing it’s speed.” — Gandi

“Picture an old fashioned, nondigital clock in front of you. Take your finger and stop the clock’s second hand. While time is literally stopped for you, breathe in a sense of calm. Feel it flow gently over your shoulders and neck. With each breath you take, feel the rest of your body relaxing. When you are ready, let go of the the clock’s second hand.” — from Meditation Express.

Be present, alert and aware that you do have control over your time.

Have a note pad handy to write down the first things that come to mind. Trust your instincts, then follow through to experience your highest sense of what needs to shift in your life to make the change. Then be brave and do it!

Putting your verbal comments or opinion on pause is also beneficial when conversation starts to heat up. In order to prevent having an argument or intensifying one, it is wise to slow it down or walk away to gather your thoughts or let some of them go altogether. Arguments often occur due to one’s need to be right. This would be a good time to check in with yourself and see what the underlying fear is in needing to be right. Once you identify that you can redirect the conversation to gain a healthier outcome. Say what you mean. Don’t beat around the bush, however tempting. It’s simpler, more honest and avoids confusion. When you truly believe something, say it clearly then stand by it.

Sometimes hitting the mental fast forward button is a good practice to see where it is you are wanting to go.

Then you can ask yourself if what you are doing in the present moment is leading you in the direction of that desired outcome. If it is not, then you can change the course. It’s OK and good to be patient. We live with constant change, and daily demands for quick decisions and automatic responses. Slow down. Give yourself time to consider, and sort through complicated issues. Wait for responses. Patience calms our lives and offers options. Don’ rush it.

If you seek more balance in the busyness of your day, sit quietly and take several deep, intentional breaths.

Make a mental (or physical) checklist for yourself by asking what is vital to keeping you in balance. Write down whatever comes to mind. Starting this at the beginning of your day is encouraged so you can incorporate and utilize as many of the suggestions that come to mind.

“Genius is merely a greater aptitude for patience.” – Comte de Buffon

The answers that guide and shape you are always within you. Listen to your internal wisdom. Honor it with obedience and watch the outcome!


About the Author

Jennifer Durand is the owner and operator of The Nurture Nook Day Spa & Gift Shoppe; she is a certified QiGong and Breathe Empowerment instructor, a skin care and makeup specialist, an InterPlay leader and is licensed in massage therapy, body work and somatic integration. Let her help you find your personal “ahh . . .” factor by visiting nurturenook.com or facebook.com/nurturenookdayspa or by calling (615) 896-7110.

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