Edwin McKnight Releases Children’s Book, Caius and the Great Troll Adventure

Murfreesboro author and business owner Edwin McKnight has recently released his first published children’s book, Caius and the Great Troll Adventure.

“There are amazing, enchanting experiences for those who develop a love of reading,” said McKnight. “My hope is that this book becomes a treasured part of a child’s library, that it brings the child and parent together in a way that promotes a great family experience.”

Edwin A McKnightCaius and the Great Troll Adventure chronicles a young boy’s adventures as he leads his family through a series of encounters in his quest to discover trolls. “After dark days when evil beings roamed the land, the great trolls grew fewer in number” and now only live in the tales told around the fireplace at night. Caius wonders if the fantastic creatures still roam the earth and sets out on his adventure to solve the mystery.

The book is set in “The Fair Country,” a fanciful interpretation of McKnight’s community of Halls Hill, Tenn. The central character, Caius, received his name from McKnight’s 6-year-old grandson, who inspired the story on a Sunday afternoon hike with his family. The book is dedicated to McKnight’s mother, who encouraged him to pursue writing.

“I believe this book would have brought her happiness,” McKnight said.

McKnight, a Rutherford County native, owns a local benefits, insurance and financial services company and is a member of North Boulevard Church of Christ.

Caius and the Great Troll Adventure is available on Amazon in hardcover or paperback.


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