Blueberries Ripe for the Picking in the Murfreesboro Area

July is now upon the residents of Murfreesboro, and with this month comes the season for picking blueberries. The good news is, even if you do not have blueberry plants of your own, there are patches right here in Murfreesboro where anyone can pick.

One of these places is the Batey Farms berry patch, located at 3250 Wilkinson Pk. According to the Batey website, the berry bushes were planted in 2015, making this their second season of fruit production. The blueberry bushes are spread out among three acres alongside one acre of thornless blackberry bushes. Picking the berries comes with a price of $4 per pound, or prepacked berries are available for $5 per pound; containers are provided to customers. Find Batey Farms on Facebook for days and times the field will be open for picking this month.

In the Murfreesboro area there is also the Blueberry Patch, located at 5942 West Gum Rd. This patch, featuring seven acres of blueberry plants, also features picnic tables, a small children’s playground and a restroom facility, and provides buckets and liners. The patch opened for picking the last week of June. For hours of operation this summer, call Angie Kleinau at (615) 893-7940.

Blueberry Patch courtesy Sharon Martin Jacks (2)


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