The Warlokk

Eons ago, an ancient, celestial SPACE WIZARD of great power and WISDOM came into existence, one who knew no bounds from time and space. As CENTURIES passed with his CONQUERING of THE COSMOS, no rivals have stood to challenge him. The WIZARD traveled farther through THE STARS IN SEARCH FOR NEW PURPOSE, stumbling upon our universe.

warlokkOur galaxy was chosen with intent to expand HIS reign of power, and his consciousness has now descended upon our planet. A new form of sorcery and enchanted magic is born, for the dark wizard has chosen a mortal man to harbor his malevolent will.

The Warlokk is born, now sent forth to summon his endless fury on our planet. Manic illusions are cast on the masses in the form of violent sub-frequencies, bass modulation and synthesizer spells. The Warlokk feeds from this energy exchange to fuel his ever-growing strength and desire for intergalactic supremacy.

Bear witness to the next level of musical experience, and join The Warlokk on the path for total dance domination.

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About the Author

MTSU Alumni and Contributor for the Murfreesboro Pulse.

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