Boro2Square Running Group Meets at The Boulevard Each Wednesday

What is it about working out that you dislike the most, but is beneficial for maintaining weight loss. One common answer to this question that I hear echo out of everyone’s mouth: cardio.

Cardio gets your blood pumping, which in turn strengthens your heart, lungs and improves your endurance during workouts. And what better way to get a cardio workout than running.

I recently had a pleasant time meeting some of the participants a local group of runners called Boro2Square.

The founder, Scott Slavens, started the group seven years ago, saying that, while Murfreesboro has a sizable running community, it was “very fragmented” and that some of the running groups in the area could make participants feel uncomfortable. He wanted to create a “consistent group that included all paces, times and met at a regular location.”

Now, Boro2Square meets every Wednesday at The Boulevard Bar & Grille (2154 Middle Tennessee Blvd.) around 6 p.m. to run. The Boro2Square Facebook page posts a map of each week’s route, generally between three and five miles in length, every Tuesday night.

After the group runs through areas near downtown Murfreesboro and the MTSU campus, many participants hang out at The Boulevard to eat, drink and socialize.

For anyone starting to run, Slavens suggests picking a race and setting a goal.

“Run the race to wear the shirt,” he said. That encouragement hit my heart profoundly.

He adds that finding an accountability partner can also help runners. So if you ready to get over your dislike for running, need inspiration or don’t want to run alone, join Boro2Square one Wednesday.

Additionally, or if you can’t make it on Wednesday nights, Fleet Feet has a group who meets and runs every Monday at 6 p.m. You can join them at 544 N. Thompson Ln.

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