Begin Now on Your Fitness Goals and Stay Ahead of the Curve with Local Winter Challenge

Most people start New Year’s resolutions at the beginning of the year. However, no time is like the present whenever you want to make a change, especially with your health and fitness. During the winter, it can be easier to relax a bit more because of holiday gatherings, working longer hours, less daylight or staying at home because of the bad weather.

Siobhan Morales and myself, Semaj Thomas, personal trainers at Championtone Fitness here in Murfreesboro, recently joined together to make the most of this season to help others not fall off track, eliminate excuses to not stay active and be held accountable for their actions. Beat Your Resolution is a winter challenge focusing specifically on individuals’ struggles and weaknesses.

“My goal is do cardio at least five to six times a week,” Morales said, adding that consistent cardio training has long been her weakness and struggle, but she now wants to give it her all.

Some may say, “But I don’t want to work out a lot,” and you don’t have to.

Most of the upper body, lower body and cardio exercises that Beat Your Resolution emphasizes can be performed at home in 30 minutes.

We will run this challenge through March 1 so individuals go into the New Year 2018 already mentally and physically prepared to jump start summer vacation bodies by building stronger legs, tighter abs, bigger chest and/or a bigger butt to show off.

The program is free for anyone to join, and for a $5 fee challengers can enter for the chance to win monthly prizes like free meals, gas cards, merchandise, and a dope art piece by Xavier Payne, one of the most talented and creative artists in the Middle Tennessee community.

For more information, check out the Facebook page Simply Inspiring Others, and the Facebook group Beat Your Resolutions Winter Challenge, forums where participants can share pictures and post achievements, goals and weaknesses. Also, follow the team: Siobhan @champ_sio14, Semaj @bodybyshauty and Championtone Fitness @championtonefitness.

Be a better you every day!


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