December Boro Art Crawl Offers Lots of Christmas Gift Ideas

Make sure your holiday gifts this year are as unique as those who receive them, and consider one-of-a-kind pieces by local and regional artists. Works by more than 40 artists will be on display during the Friday, Dec. 8, Boro Art Crawl from 6 to 9 p.m.

Boro Art Crawl takes place in and around the historic Murfreesboro Public Square, but make sure to venture away from the central square, however, as there are many wonderful businesses with great art and gifts just a few blocks away. Venues include: The Boutique at Studio C Photography, Center for the Arts, Murfreesboro City Hall Rotunda, Jimmy Fox Farmer’s Insurance, L & L Contractors, Vibe Nutrition, Two Tone Gallery, Mayday Brewery, Moxie Art Supply and Gallery, Dreamingincolor, Sugaree’s, Funtiques, Let’s Make Wine, Reed & Embry, Simply Pure Sweets, Earth Experience and The Write Impression.

Simple wood earrings and necklaces from Graham Gordon will be available at The Write Impression. Gordon began his self-described “side hustle” after making some jewelry for his sister and receiving many compliments for his work.

“Some of the wood I use comes from trees that have fallen down on our family farm or my grandparents’ farm. The other more exotic wood is scavenged from scrap bins at a local woodworking store,” said Gordon, who does offer custom work.

Boutique at Studio C will show beautiful photos of places around the world from Felicia Demos. Her picture subjects are as expansive as the world that she travels.

Iska Frosh comes from an artistically inclined family and is currently studying psychology at Middle Tennessee State University. Her art merges her two interests.

Hmmm by Iska Frosh, on display at Two-Tone Art Gallery

“Traditionally, the psychological depiction in artwork comes from the artist’s cognitive state during the art-making process, and the viewer interprets the mental and emotional voice of the artist. However, in my work the emotional experience is skewed; the art does not depict my cognitive state but instead challenges the viewer’s own mental and emotional preconceived notions,” Frosh said.

These are just a few of the artists who will be featured during the crawl this month. Others include Royce Vaughn, Elyjah Jenkins, Lynn Anthony, James Threalkill, Amber Langford, Fredrick Jones, Larry Kinney, Reba Hinkle, Jacob Yandle, Steven Handle, Karlie Tankersley, Dorothy Stevens, Theodore Stanley, Becky Dickovitch, Hannah McMurry, Hands Up High, Meghan Kregher, Nancy Olson, Noah Hunt, Jamie Whitlow, Susan Denton, David Collier, Phillip Wagner, Katie Struk, Kay Meadows, Sydney Ray, Ron DePew, Kody Hale, Diane Marsella, Michael Cleaves, Amanda Crawford Brown, Hoguer Ramirez, Rebeka Robson, Steven Gavel, Robin Caddel, Emily Alexander, Fiona Dowd, Thaddeaus Tekell, Nichole Zelenak and Beth Moore.

For more information about the Boro Art Crawl, visit boroartcrawl.com.

View a map of the crawl here.


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