Higher Thoughts for Everyday Living

Middle Tennessee hypnotist, philosopher and motivator M.C. Radford encourages everyone to think positively and live life with a healthy, optimistic attitude. Here, he shares some points from his book Higher Thoughts for Everyday Living, suggesting that readers meditate on one each day—and be amazed at the positive changes that transpire in their lives.

Day 1 — I want you to say aloud, “I feel fantastic, but I am going to get better” three times . . . Every day someone will ask you how you feel; tell them, “I feel fantastic, but I am going to get better.” There will be times when you may not feel up to par; say it anyway and you will feel better. And it won’t be long until you feel better all the time.

Day 2 — Now say, “I am healthy, I am wealthy, and I am happy.” Anything you attach with feeling to “I am,” you will become. To say, “I am healthy” is to eat the Word; but to imagine and visualize yourself as healthy is to digest the Word. Then the Word becomes flesh.

Day 3 — The “I am” in you is the life principle; and anything you continue to add with feeling to the “I am,” you will become. The “I am” in you is God—the Bible tells you this. When you say “I am,” you are connecting to the universal mind, the God-power which is in you.

Day 4 — The Creator created you in His own image. Since God is spirit, so you are spirit also. The Creator gave you free will, He gave you dominion over all things, and then He agreed to be your servant. As the Bible says, “Ask, believe, and receive.” It is as though we have a genie and the genie says, “Your wish is my command.”

Day 5 — We have all the power in the universe to use as we see fit. God does not tell us how to use that power—He gave you complete freedom. He did set into place an infallible law called the law of attraction. The law simply says, “What you continually think about, you bring about.” So if you think negative or evil thoughts, you will have a life of turmoil and failure. If you think good and positive thoughts, then you will have a successful, happy and healthy life.

Day 6 — The law of attraction is so easy to see—just look around you and observe. A person born and raised in a life of poverty who only sees lack and poverty all around him can, of course, attract all the thoughts that go with the state of poverty and, therefore, think that is the way it is supposed to be. As long as they think that way they can only attract more poverty into their life. And who are the brothers and sisters of poverty? To name a few—unhappiness, sickness, despair, lack, worry, lack of money, negative attitude, and many more.

Day 7 — People born into and raised in a wealthy family and environment will see mostly positive thinking and good decisions. So even if they are not all that intelligent, because of what they see all around them day in and day out, they will most likely be successful.

Day 8 — People who are born into and raised in a wealthy family are always around wealth or around material that is the result of wealth. So they are more comfortable with money. They automatically have money consciousness and just naturally attract money to themselves.

Day 9 — How can people in poverty become healthy, happy and wealthy? it’s really simple, but it will take a lot of hard work—mental work, that is. If they desire and picture themselves wealthy, healthy and happy enough until it becomes a natural way of feeling, they will then automatically find all these things being attracted to their lives.

Day 10 — When you picture and visualize being healthy, happy and wealthy, you are using pure God-power, which will create the very same in your life. This is a law of the Creator, and it does not work part of the time or just some of the time. It works 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Wise men have been telling us this down through the ages.

Day 11 — The greatest and most successful people in the world have a constant partner—call it God, the subconscious mind, the universal mind, the Creator, or any name you choose. But learn to call on it and it will respond.

Day 12 — The masses let a few people do their thinking for them which allows those few people to keep them under control. This is true whether it be a gang, a community, a city, a state or a country. Most people are like a radio—they only repeat what comes over the air.

Day 13 — With practice you can learn to do your own own thinking and become free. The way you learn to do your own thinking is by exercising your mind—the same way you exercise your body to become stronger Remember: Good habits lead to success; bad habits lead to failure.

Day 14 — In a new research program scientists found that children from 2 to 4 years of age are 95 percent creative. At the age of 7, only four percent are highly creative. All children are born creative, but we teach them so much limitation. We dumb them down so that by the age of 7, they are 85 percent set in their ways for the rest of their lives, living in a mold that has been drilled into them. However, creativity never goes away, and you can reclaim it whenever you are ready. You do this by exercising your imagination. With the exercise of your imagination, you can claim all the good in your life. With your imagination you can create all the happiness you want, all the friends you want, all the good health you want and all the success you want.

Day 15 — All negative thoughts you allow to claim your attention will drag you down. Your negative thoughts will attract all related thoughts into your mind and make the situation worse. All positive thoughts thoughts attract more related thoughts to your attention, and you move upward and onward to the successful outcome you want.

Day 16 — You will never rise any higher than the thoughts you hold in your mind. When you think, you are giving power to something good or something bad. If you want to be successful, you must be aware and control the thoughts you allow to occupy your mind each day. Your thoughts are carriers of power. They can carry negative destructive power or they can carry positive constructive power.

Day 17 — Your thoughts can build you up or tear you down. Thoughts can make you sick or heal you; they can bring you success or failure.

Day 18 — Winston Churchill said, “The most important seven words I ever uttered were never, never, never, never, never give up.”

Day 19 — It is never too late to bring order to a disordered mind or a disordered life.

Day 20 — Negative thoughts and feelings cause stress and tension, which cut down your circulation and choke off energy from every part of your body. This, in time, will bring on illness in the weakest link in your body.

Day 21 — Sickness follows a belief. Good health follows a belief. Your belief creates a chemical change in your body.

Day 22 — All mental and physical pain is your subconscious mind telling you that your thinking is on the wrong track. You must go within and find the cause; then you will have the understanding to change any situation to a successful outcome.

Day 23 — Your conscious mind is for setting goals; it is not for solving problems. Your subconscious mind can and will solve your every problem if you will turn loose and let it. Your conscious mind is a goal-setting mechanism. Your subconscious mind is a goal-striving mechanism. The Bible says turn all your problems over to the Lord and He will take care of them. The Lord is the law of the subconscious mind. When you come to understand this one law of God, you can breeze your way through life with ease.

Day 24 — You can attain success just as surely as you can plot a course to another city. The subconscious mind (or God) does not recognize pain, famine or disease. It recognizes only conception and desire or thought and emotion, and it recognizes then in only one way—by creating them into actuality.

Day 25 — Wisdom makes all people one. Opinions greatly separate us.

Day 26 — Every habit you have formed (good or bad) is just as much a part of you as your arms and legs. Exercise your arms and legs and they will become stronger. Exercise your habits and they, too, will become stronger.

Day 27 — Practice this habit: think every day about how you can please someone. Do a good deed every day. A good deed is one that brings a smile of joy to the face of another. Every good deed you do causes you to be more like your Creator and brings you closer to God and/or perfection.

Day 28 — Never let a negative thought live in your mind. Don’t be like those cavemen. When they were beating on those rocks, they said, “We are never going to have radio!”

Day 29 — The question really is: How much do you want what you want? It reminds me of a story of a man who wanted a million dollars. He had heard of a wise man up in the hills who had all the answers. So he sought out this wise man. He told the old man, “I want a million dollars, and people say you can tell me or show me how to get a million dollars.” The old man took him down to the creek and asked him if he would do exactly as he was told. The man replied that he would. The old man told him to stick his head all the way under the water. When he complied, the old man grabbed the visitor’s head and held him underwater until he almost drowned. When the man was through coughing and choking, the old man told him, “When you want that million dollars as much as you wanted to get your head out of that water, then you will have it!”

Day 30 — Some people say “I want a million dollars,” and then turn right around and say “I know I can’t have it; I am too old now; I don’t know how; I was born on the wrong side of the tracks,” and on and on. Of course you can’t have it. You give your mind too many directions and your mind doesn’t know which way to go. It’s like getting into a taxi and giving the cabbie four different directions. He would either kick you out or immediately drive you to the insane asylum.

Day 31 — When you really want something, you must first desire the thing—I mean really desire it. Then keep your mind focused on your desire every day, never letting any contrary thoughts live in your mind for even a second.


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