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Dawna Magliacano’s Acorn Haven Studio Hosts May 18 Sculpture Show

Dawna Magliacano will host a special sculpture art show on Saturday, May 18, from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Acorn Haven, Magliacano’s home studio, will be the venue for a hand-picked selection of clay ceramic artwork, featuring eight artists with various styles.

Magliacano plans on showcasing a full debut of her own work as well. Additionally, she’s chosen Nelson Grice as her special guest; Grice will lead a special sculpture workshop on Sunday, May 19, from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m.

Until recently, Magliacano didn’t consider selling or showcasing her clay art. For seven years, she reserved that area of her artistic endeavors for relaxation and peace of mind.

“Clay seems to be all I want to work on these days. I may have finally landed somewhere in my art explorations that really feels like home,” says Magliacano.

She has a fondness for storytelling and incorporating animals and nature together in a style all her own. Magliacano is particularly fascinated by the relationships humans share with nature, and says she gains simple satisfaction in the craft itself.

Friends and peers began showing interest in buying sculptures displayed on shelves in Magliacano’s home. About a year ago she opened her own clay studio in Lascassas, where she also produces her multimedia work, she says. It’s the same location that will house the “unearthed” show.

Ceramics by Chelsea Zachary

Featured artists from the Middle Tennessee area include Kay Currie, Kaitlin Savage, Crystal Shade, Chelsea Zachary, Robert Harvey, Gwen Copeland and James Carson. Grice will travel from Birmingham, Alabama, to show off his work and teach a workshop on how to design a sculpture similar to his personal style.

To register for the workshop, visit Space may be limited.

Every artist, including Grice, approaches their craft in interesting ways. Magliacano chose each artist because of their unique styles. She also handpicked pieces to feature. Diversity is a major aspect she hopes to portray at the “unearthed” art show.


“This will not be typical of what you might see at a craft festival,” she said. For example, Currie incorporates her deep knowledge and appreciation for animal science into her art. Shade also uses animals as subjects, but often uses porcelain and vivid color patterns instead.

Magliacano describes Harvey and Carson as similar in method, but different in style. All of these subtle differences are what will help Magliacano create the tasteful sense of diversity she’s looking for.

Ultimately, she hopes her debut will result in more shows in the future. In fact, if all goes well, she is looking into the possibility of organizing annual clay ceramic showcases.

The studio, Acorn Haven, is located at 8265 Lascassas Pike. For more information, visit or email


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