Album Reviews

The Hollow Roots, The Hollow Roots

Turn Out the Lights, Julien Baker

Aye Mammoth, Beasts Infernal

The Jewel Machine, From Infinity to Here

Bled to Submission, Only a Light Remains

Kenny Mc, Rise

Laser Flames on the Great Big News, Laser Flames on the Great Big News

King Brian, Reverse the Curse

The Southern Shame, Orion

Commander Keen, Cowboy Killer

Matt Lund, Works 2

Ashes of Folly, A Rich Man’s Pile

Scott Anderle, &

capital., Winning For Losing

The Jewel Machine, From There to Infinity

Boomstick, Bull in a Vachina Shop

Maybe April, Maybe April

Blue Matches, Center of the Universe

Root Road, Come Alive

Meth Dad, Posi Vibes

Paul Mitchell the school
The Nurture Nook
Murfreesboro Symphony Orchestra