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Phil Valentine

Times Change, But Our Best Days Still Lie Ahead

Many Media Outlets Disappointed Mueller Report Did Not Prove Collusion Between Trump and Russia

Eliminating the Senate Filibuster Would Help Prevent the Minority From Holding the Government Hostage

Intense Hatred of Trump Causes Many Liberals to Expose Their Insanity

Perhaps We Should Study the True Meaning of the Word ‘Justice’

Government Officials Have to Know by Now to Not Use Personal Email Accounts for Public Business

Recent Economic Prosperity Could Make It Difficult for Democrats in November Elections

Figures Don’t Lie, But Sometimes Liars Figure

Marxism Has Long Attracted the Misfits of Society

Russia Does Sow Discontent in the U.S., but Is Probably Not Responsible for Election Outcome

Trying to Sneak Children Across the Border Is Uncompassionate

Our President Has a Long History of Inclusion, Working With Jewish People

Once Again, Someone With a History of Mental Instability Commits a Mass Shooting

Sen. McConnell Refuses to Stand for Fiscal Conservatism

Blame Sick People for Mass Violence, Not Guns

Republicans Seem Willing to Allow DACA Recipients to Stay in the U.S.

Tax Plan Benefits All Americans Immediately

Corker and Other Establishment Politicians out of Touch With Constituents

The Police Do Not Unfairly Target Black Criminals

Let’s All Try to Bring the Temperature Down

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