The Stockard Report

Meet the New Boss, Same as the Old Boss

The Many Lawsuits of Robert Arnold: Amidst Beyoncé Comments, Sheriff and County Face Another Legal Battle

Election Commission Won’t Give Former Administrator a Poll Worker Job; Liberty Caucus Wants Red Light Cameras Gone

Judges Order Release of Inmates Jailed for Failing to Pay PCC Fees; Murfreesboro Woman Tries to Abort Own Baby

Movement to Clean up Local Probation System Gains Traction; Flap Over Forrest Hall Continues

Reform of Local Probation System Is Long Overdue

High School Referee Upended, Official’s Criminal Record Uncovered After Collision with Player

Judge Sets Murder Suspect’s Bond at $1 Million; More Sheriff Shenanigans

Sheriff’s Office Supervisors Remain on Leave After Exposed Business Dealings

Whitesell Ends DA Career with Murder Conviction Against Moses Bess

Investigation Into Sheriff’s Dealings Thickens as FBI Raids Arnold’s Home and Office

JailCigs May be the Sheriff’s Undoing, Ethics Questions Swirling Around Arnold

Detective Finds Way to Operate Side Business Using County Resources

David vs. Goliath

Everyone Loses After Girls’ Teams Try to Throw Basketball Game

Lawmakers accept insurance from the state while denying coverage to others

Guilty: Whitesell, Newman Hang First-Degree Murder Conviction on Jacob Pearman

Court Clerk Computer Debacle Continues; and New ‘Family’ of Recovering Addicts to Move In

Shacklett Wins City Council Seat; Netherland Murdered in the Virgin Islands

Computer Crash, Settling with the Sheriff and a Mistrial: People of Murfreesboro Losing Their Grip

Murfreesboro Symphony Orchestra
The Nurture Nook
Paul Mitchell the school