October 2009

10.09 cover

October 2009

Fall Fashion ’09: Fabulous looks for the fall season from some of Murfreesboro’s finest boutiques.
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Plus more:

  1. Letter from the Editor
  2. A Dramatic Opener, Lamplighter’s season begins with “My Fair Lady”
  3. Music Listings
  4. Jennifer’s Body
  5. J.D. Beard
  6. Community Pulse
  7. Cuts for a Cause: Local salon and spa gives back this breast Cancer Awareness Month
  8. Surrogates
  9. Faith
  10. A Little Taste of Chili Paste: Couple Shares Love for Thai Food and Cultue
  11. Cosmic Parties: MTSU Astronomy Hosts Monthly Gazings
  12. Max’s Miracle Benefit Concert and Bike Ride/Car Show: Raising Awareness About CMV
  13. Gagflex: Republicans are Betting on Your Fear
  14. Murfreesboro Ghosthunters Want to Show You Something
  15. When Murphy Was King
  16. Lord T and Eloise get Main Street “Aristocrunk”
  17. Public Areas to Fish on Percy Priest
  18. Who will host in 2016?
  19. Upcoming MTSU athletic events
  20. Three in a row?
  21. Making Debt Patriotic
  22. Photos Capture “Relics” in Black and White
  23. Prince-Zakic Art Exhibition
  24. Appreciating the Constitution
  25. Tobacco and Protectionism
  26. Upcoming movie releases
  27. Phil Valentine: It’s All About the Risk

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